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Houston Loc Fairy
Best Experience! Highly recommended!

I had a fantastic experience with Space City DTF! The ordering process was straightforward and user-friendly. Pickup instructions were simple to follow, and my order was ready in no time. Pressing instructions were also provided so the pressing process a breeze. The colors in the prints are absolutely vivid and truly pop on the shirts. Highly recommend for quick, quality prints!

What is “DTF” printing?

DTF printing, which stands for "Direct to Film" printing, is a process used in textile printing where designs are first printed onto a special film before being transferred onto fabric.

This method differs from more traditional direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, as it doesn't involve printing directly on the clothing item itself.Here’s how DTF printing generally works:

Design Preparation: An image or design is created and set up using graphic software.

Printing on Film: The design is printed in reverse onto a clear film coated with a receptive adhesive using special DTF inks.

Powder Application: After printing, a fine powder (adhesive) is applied to the ink on the film. This powder only sticks to the printed areas.

Curing: The film goes through a heat process to melt the powder into the ink, creating a solid transferable layer.

Transfer to Fabric: The film is then placed on the fabric, and under heat and pressure, the design is transferred from the film to the material.

Final Curing: The item is cured with heat to ensure the print's durability and washability.

DTF printing is appreciated for its flexibility, as it allows for high-quality prints on a variety of fabric types and colors without the need for pre-treatment of the fabrics (which is necessary in DTG printing). It is also scalable, making it suitable for both small custom batches and larger production runs.